JRP - The Meaning of Jemish

I was e-mailed by a company that goes by the name of NAME REPORT. Apparently, the narration below will give you a comprehensive description of your unique qualities, inner potential, strengths and weaknesses, compatibility in personal and business relationships, career aptitudes, health, and degree of happiness and success! Well, let’s test run this sucker and see...

Jem @ SISU's Summer Ball - Click to EnlargeThe name of Jemish makes you dynamic, restless, independent, challenging, and outspoken. This name restricts verbal expression and limits opportunities, thus creating turbulence and frustration within.

You can be affected by moods of depression when your many plans and ideals do not materialise. Life is a challenge to you. You dislike injustice and go out of your way to assist in creating fairness.

You are very creative and promotional, and work intensely to carry out your plans. You have limitless enthusiasm for new ventures but lose interest quickly once things become routine or easy.

You enjoy change, travel, and new experiences. You dislike being forced to attend to detail and monotonous work. One of your greatest problems in life is lack of stability and consistency in your affairs.

While this name makes you very honest and sincere, it also creates moods of depression and physical and mental tension which has a serious affect upon the nervous system.

Well, it started off well didn’t it? It described me as, ‘dynamic, restless’…keep going…‘independent, challenging’…good so far‘creative, promotional & enthusiastic…’. Then all of a sudden, it ran out of steam, saying I was, ‘affected by moods of depression’ and ‘physical and mental tension’. What a load of crap, though I have to say, some of the words used were quite true!

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